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The grass is always greener where you water it ....

Gnomebody Does It Better: A Cheeky Ditty Celebrating Garden Gnomes

Posted by The Gnome Lady on

as Griebel garden gnome in a flower bed he is wearing a red hat. Gnomeshomes

We set our gnomes loose with ChatGPT today ... this little ditty is the result!

In gardens big and small,
You'll find them standing tall,
With pointy hats and rosy cheeks,
These little guys are quite unique.
They guard our plants with pride,
Standing watch, side by side,
Their cheerful faces always bright,
A whimsical and charming sight.
Some say they're just a fad,
But I know they're not half bad,
For in the garden, they bring joy,
A playful spirit we can't avoid.
So let's raise a glass to gnomes,
In their little garden homes,
May they continue to spread cheer,
Year after year, after year.


The Gnome Lady 

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